It's Because I'm Young

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It’s unfortunate how quick our generation is to deem anything above mediocrity as class or “the greatest”. I was never more sure of this when i saw multiple posts claiming Frank ocean was the “new” Langston Hughes after releasing his letter speaking on his love of another man. I saw comments such “one of the greatest writers of our generation” and other similar comments.

Or those who claim other stars are historic figures. I’m not disputing this but I guess the “test of time” is a illegitimate obstacle for artists nowadays  I guess i just loved how artists such a Michael Jackson, Tupac etc. earned their title after a long illustrious fruitful career.

It just rubs me the wrong way, that we award such great artists to those who imo just haven’t earned it yet

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    this kinda makes me laugh. what is earning it? This seems elitist in a way…idk if that’s even the right word im looking...
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