It's Because I'm Young

I'm a firm believer in Individuality don't let the masses dictate your viewpoints approach life with an open mind and heart, Also I do not own any of these pictures unless I say i do, Feel Free to ask questions,post opinions in my Ask Box, Ignorance can only be killed with an Open Mind

What really is ruining the Black Community is these Uncle Toms dipped in self hatred. Trying so hard to separate themselves from blackness, reaching for this validation from whites playong the “good nigger bad nigger” ideology.

Martin vs. Malcolm, DuBois vs. Washington, DuBois vs Garvey this is no accident. By continuously playing good nigger vs bad nigger you divide blacks. We take sides and rigorously critique each each of the spectrum ignoring the main goal. Division stunts the progression of black unity. Malcolm was killed as his message changed, Martin was killed as his message changed, the closer we got to unity to more we were attacked.

The harder you try to detach yourself from blackness the more you are psychologically destroying your sense of self. Self hatred brings you no closer to whites

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